Magic Mushrooms

What Are “Magic” Mushrooms?

Psilocybin and psilocyn, two chemicals that are known to create hallucinations, are present in several varieties of mushrooms. These mushrooms exhibit similar effects to the drug LSD when used in high enough concentrations.

What Else Are Mushrooms Called?

shrooms, magic mushrooms, mushies

How Are “Magic” Mushrooms Used?

Fresh or dried hallucinogenic mushrooms are also possible. They are consumed or mixed with food to cover up their bitter flavor or made into tea to be consumed as a medication.

What Do “Magic” Mushrooms Do?

Mushroom effects often start to take effect after 30 to 45 minutes. They may continue for up to 6 hours. Typical early symptoms include nausea and excessive yawning. The “trip” starts once these first effects wear off.

A modest excursion could make someone feel sleepy or at ease. However, using heavier or higher quantities of the fungus might cause anxiety, paranoia, and uneasiness. The individual might experience time, space, and reality in a warped manner. An excessive dosage might result in psychosis, a chronic mental illness.

Each mushroom trip might be different in both duration and intensity. It depends on the person’s dosage and how potent the mushrooms are. The mood, personality, and expectations of the user also have an impact on how a trip comes out.

The physical effects of mushrooms can include:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • increased heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
  • muscle weakness
  • drowsiness
  • lack of coordination
  • dilated pupils

In extremely rare situations, taking a large quantity of mushrooms might have adverse effects that are deadly.

Some mushroom users experience flashbacks in which they recall a portion of a drug session after their high has worn off. Unexpected flashbacks are possible. They could occur immediately after consuming mushrooms or months afterwards.

It’s challenging to gauge how powerful mushrooms are. Purchasing mushrooms involves danger because some are extremely poisonous while others are drugs: People might become terribly ill from a variety of mushroom species or even pass away from them.

People may experience nausea or stomach cramps after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. In addition, they cause diarrhea in some users.

Because mushrooms change one’s perception of reality and judgment,

Where Can I Find Help?

Recovery is a possibility if you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction. Consult your physician or visit the websites of the state or municipal health departments.

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