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The Mondo growkits for mushrooms are simple to use. As with every psilocybe grow kit, it is crucial to set it up right away after delivery because the grow kit is still free of potentially dangerous fungus and bacteria. For at least a month, the mushroom grow kit can be stored in the refrigerator. Before putting the grow kit in the refrigerator, be sure to thoroughly clean it. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that unsanitary storage practices for grow kits have an impact on both the cultivation and the state of the mushroom grow kit. As a result, it is preferable to set up the psilocybe magic mushroom growkit right away. After washing your hands, you take the mushroom grow kit out of its packing and put water in it. Buy Magic Mushroom Growkits Online in USA

Where To Buy Mondo Growkit’ s Online

Everything you need for growing gorgeous, distinctive, huge magic mushrooms is included in the psilocybe Mondo magic mushroom growkit. For instance, the Mondo grow kit comes with a paper clip, a grow bag, and a 1200 or 2100cc grow box. The only thing missing is water that can be tapped directly from the faucet. Nota Bene: While Dutch tap water is sufficient for growing magic mushrooms, this does not imply that tap water from other nations is equally pure. To reduce your risk, we advise using spring water while assembling your Mondo mushroom grow kit. You can get the best mondo growkits online at magic mushroom growkits shop online.


Fresh Mushrooms 100% Mycelium Growkits XP (Xtra Potency)

The Fresh Mushrooms team has developed psilocybe grow kits to the highest standards. They have finally been successful in putting a 100% mycelium XP grow kit on the market after 25 years of innovation and advancement. The XP in the Fresh Mushroom grow kit stands for Xtra Potency, which suggests that it contains more psilocybin (the active ingredient) than grow kits from other brands. According to Fresh Mushroom, the amount of psilocybin per mushroom can occasionally be twice as high as with standard psilocybe grow kits. Because the Fresh Mushrooms psilocybe grow kits don’t require water until the first harvest, they’re quite simple to set up.

Where To Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by FreshMushrooms®

The rye-based substrate* in the FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kits lacks filling layers of vermiculite and perlite.
The incredibly potent magic mushrooms that grow from FreshMushrooms® growing kits are produced in only a few weeks and keep coming, flush after flush. Within two weeks, the FreshMushrooms® maintenance-free grow kit produces fruit (in ideal conditions).
eXtra Potency is what the XP in the name stands for! This 100% colonized mycelium grow kit is undoubtedly new!, We do have the best quality growkits on our shop.


At online , we’ll be able to help you find the magic mushroom grow kit that best suits your needs. Whether you’re just starting out as a grower or already have considerable experience cultivating your own magic mushrooms, we have all that you’ll ever need in store. Some of our kits come with everything included while others require spore syringes or spore prints to complete the set. Browse our selection and use our handy and complete growing manuals to guide in choosing the kit that’s just right for you. Most of our grow kits are available with the psilocybe cubensis B+, Cambodia, Golden Teacher and Ecuador strains.


Each of our grow kits comes with its own comprehensive growing manual, detailing every step you need to take to ensure a bountiful harvest. Most of our kits are comprised of a sterilized substrate, water-absorbent layers for easy daily maintenance, a tailor-made mush-bag and of course, the spores of your choice. Our Basic grow kit is the main exception, with its unsterilized substrate and required daily care. This option is reserved for advanced growers who love to tinker with moisture levels and enhanced growing techniques. Learn more about how to grow magic mushrooms like a professional on our encyclopedia page.


Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®

Buy Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits here: The Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits, also known as Standard grow kits, have completely changed the game. The traditional method of growing magic mushrooms

What makes the Mondo® magic mushroom kits better?
Psilocybe cubensis strains that are unique to the real mushroom cultivation experience!
flushes of numerous mystical mushrooms
increased fruiting bodies

The easiest growing kit around is the Mondo® magic mushroom kit. Simply dunk and grow. Your first mushroom harvest at home will be ready in two to three weeks.The mushroom growing kits contain 100% produced and growth-ready mycelium. You don’t need to add spores! Purchase the Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits.

Everything you need to start cultivating mushrooms is included in the Mondo® mushroom kit.
1x Substrate box with 100% active mycelium and a vermiculite top layer
To generate a microclimate, one (1) mushroom grow bag with filter
To shut the grow bag, use two paper clips.
No labeling or branding are present on the Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits. Purchase the Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits.

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