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FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kits are available here: The vermiculite and perlite infill layers are absent from the rye-based substrate* used in FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kits.

FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom growing kits produce mushrooms in a matter of weeks, and flush after flush of the very powerful magic mushrooms keep showing up. In two weeks (under ideal conditions), the maintenance-free FreshMushrooms® grow kit yields fruit. Purchase products from FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kits.The “XP” in the name refers to extra potency. This kit for growing 100% mycelium is completely new and well-colonized.

Why would someone buy a FreshMushroom grow kit?
Fast growth, up to four flushes, and strong yields with one week until the first pins. (in a perfect scenario)
Highly effective FreshMushroom claims that the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!

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Get the best fresh mushroom grow kits online at shop online, Scientific interest in psychedelics is currently on the rise as a result of psychedelic mushrooms’ potential medical benefits. It can be energizing to grow these medications utilizing Mother Earth, our most important apothecary, in light of the surge of clinical and academic investigation into the field of psychedelia.

Due to the increased interest in using psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic and medical purposes, magic mushroom grow kits in particular have attracted a lot of attention.

A magic mushroom grow kit can be a terrific place to start if you’re interested in producing your own mushrooms. This post will provide some practical advice for using mushroom cultivation kits as well as our top recommendations for cultivating kit suppliers of medicinal mushrooms.

What is a Mushroom Grow Kit? 

A pre-assembled kit that includes everything you need to produce your own medical magic mushrooms at home is known as a magic mushroom grow kit. Most of the time, these kits include a substrate, which is a nutrient-rich substance that promotes the expansion of the mushroom’s mycelium (or root system).

Species of magic mushrooms, such as Psilocybe cubensis, are injected into the substrate via spores or mycelium. A humidity dome or grow bag might be included in the kit, which also contains instructions on how to cultivate your mushrooms.

The History of Mushroom Grow Kits 

Among people who are interested in growing their own medicinal mushrooms, the usage of mushroom grow kits has become a trend. Although it is possible to produce therapeutic mushrooms from seed, the procedure can be difficult and needs specialized knowledge and access to the correct environment.

The development of mushroom grow kits began in the 1970s, when Terrance and Dennis McKenna, two mycologists, made it popular to grow medicinal mushrooms inside using a grow kit they termed the “mckennaii.”

The cultivation of the Psilocybe cubensis strain for medical purposes—which is still common today—was prompted by this. Billy McPherson, better known as Professor Fanaticus, invented and promoted Psilocybe Fanaticus Tek (FT), the most common technique for cultivating Psilocybe cubensis, in the 1990s.

A layer of liquid culture, frequently vermiculite, is used to sterilize the substrate of choice in canning jars using the PF Tek process, which is effectively an entheogenic extraction procedure.

It has grown to be the process used most frequently in the world to cultivate medicinal magic mushrooms.As mushroom grow kits have progressed over time, numerous businesses now provide a variety of solutions for cultivating various therapeutic mushroom species.

No of one’s degree of expertise or experience, these kits are made to make growing medicinal mushrooms accessible to everyone.Anyone may easily cultivate their own therapeutic mushrooms at home thanks to the fact that they normally come with all the essential ingredients, including spores, substrate, and instructions.

The Legality of Medicinal Mushroom Grow Kits

It’s significant to note that medicinal mushroom grow kits in and of themselves are legal in a number of nations, including the United States and many European nations. These kits frequently include a substrate as well as all the necessary ingredients for growing mushrooms, but they do not include any spores that can produce hallucinogenic effects.

Due to the fact that psilocybin spores are devoid of psilocybin and psilocin, they are legal to possess in the United States. This indicates that psilocybin spore possession is permitted, but only for research purposes, in the majority of states.

It may be permissible to utilize psilocybin spores for cultivation in jurisdictions where the possession of psilocybin mushrooms is permitted or decriminalized. As a result, psilocybin spores can be used to contaminate grow kits. Nevertheless, in jurisdictions where psilocybin mushrooms for medical purposes are prohibited

Benefits of Using a Psilocybin Mushroom Grow Kit For Therapy

For individuals looking to grow their preferred hallucinogenic medicine, medicinal mushroom grow kits have various advantages. These kits simplify the mushroom cultivation procedure by offering all the necessary components in one compact package, which is one of its key advantages.

In addition to spores and substrate, the kits frequently include pre-sterilized grain spawn such as rye, wheat, or millet. The cultivation procedure is streamlined and the farmer no longer needs to find all the necessary components.

It’s like getting a meal kit delivered, only for mushrooms!The fact that a grow kit offers a respectable quantity of medicinal mushrooms, which might be helpful for those who are interested in microdosing, is another advantage of using one.

Like all living things, mushrooms require adequate care and attention to flourish. In situations like these, grow kits can be useful since they frequently come with grow tents, which offer a regulated environment for the mushrooms to thrive. The result is a larger yield and ideal growing conditions.

generate kits are a fantastic choice for individuals who are new to growing medicinal mushrooms or who want a more straightforward approach, while more seasoned growers may employ specialist equipment to generate greater supply. They also offer an excellent place to start for people curious about mushroom cultivation and the advantages of microdosing with medicinal mushrooms.

The Best Psychedelic Mushroom Grow Kit Vendors

Here is a list of our tried-and-true kits for growing therapeutic mushrooms. Even a beginning mycologist can benefit from these businesses’ products. We suggest picking a kit from a reputable supplier who answers to customer questions and offers suggestions as you progress in your development.

Keep in mind that spores are typically not included in mushroom grow kits. As a result, you will need to buy spores separately, however many vendors of grow kits will provide you advice on where to find high-quality spores to match with their kits.

We advise you to obtain expert guidance when buying spores and to always follow safety recommendations and requirements when cultivating and ingesting medicinal magic mushrooms.Here are our top two suggestions for mushroom cultivation kits:


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