How to Grow Magic Mushrooms for Mycologic Studies

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms for Mycologic Studies

What is the number of times you have heard someone discuss magic mushrooms? Have you ever looked for some to study but been unsuccessful? Whatever your motivation, GB The Green Brand has its own line of magic mushroom grow kits that allow you to cultivate your own mushrooms for research purposes, shop here.

how to grow magic mushrooms


How to grow Magic Mushrooms | Types of magic mushroom kits

One of the easiest plants to grow is magic mushrooms; all you need is a little perseverance and adherence to a few guidelines. The substrate that our kits include is a combination of perlite and vermiculite that has been supplemented with mycelium, which is where the mushrooms originate. Activating and starting your own mushroom cultivation is very simple; read on for a comprehensive guide on how to do it correctly.

Because they come from different parts of the world, each strain of mushroom has its own unique set of characteristics. Some are far more powerful than others, some are far easier to grow, and some yield more than others. When they open up, you’ll see that they also grow in a variety of shapes. The subsequent.

We advise starting with a strain known as Mexican if you have never grown magic mushrooms before. This specific strain is more tolerant of changes in humidity and temperature, so even if the conditions aren’t perfect, it still has a chance.
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How to Grow Magic Mushrooms | Basic Parameters:


magic mushroom mycelum

Magic mushrooms should never be exposed to direct light, so the quantity and quality of light they receive is one of the most crucial aspects of growing them. Though they can never be grown directly on the substrate, they can be grown in normal white light or in the sun. Regarding the required quantity of light, well. This can be challenging because mushrooms spend a lot of time in the dark and naturally grow on the ground in large forests. All you need to do to grow mushrooms in sunlight is to open your curtains and position the mushrooms to one side of the window, making sure they are never in direct sunlight. You must place any lights you use in your home in the proper locations.


The mycelium, which is where mushrooms sprout, is activated by humidity, so it’s crucial. Using a small greenhouse propagator is necessary to provide the proper amount of humidity. Use bottled, osmosis, or distilled water to hydrate the substrate; never use tap water. Water will cause the substrate to swell, so you’ll need to add it slowly to ensure that it’s wet all the way through. After it has been completely submerged, drain any remaining water from the container as this could lead to the growth of fungus, shop here.

Although you can use the bag included with our mushroom kits as a propagator, we advise purchasing a proper greenhouse propagator if you want the best results possible.


temperature and humidity

Another crucial factor is temperature; mushrooms grow best in an environment between 21 and 24°C, so if you want to grow as many mushrooms as you can, we suggest keeping the propagator in the middle of things. You can always purchase a heated propagator or a heated blanket to place underneath your propagator if the area where you intend to grow them is cold. Your mushrooms will grow much more slowly and yield fewer mushrooms if you grow them below 21°C because the mycelium has a limited window of time to produce mushrooms once it becomes active, shop here.


Finally, growing magic mushrooms requires a clean environment and good hygiene. They require a clean, sterile environment because they are highly sensitive; never handle the kit by hand; instead, wear latex gloves at all times and, if at all possible, a face mask. Avoid changing the environment around them as much as you can; for example, don’t use deodorant, smoke, or use any other type of spray product in the room where they are, as this could contaminate them and prevent them from growing properly.

Your magic mushroom kits will yield a lot of hallucinogenic heads if you provide them with the proper lighting, humidity, temperature, and clean environment. GB Everything you need to grow your own is available at The Green Brand, shop here.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms | Harvesting for Mycology Studies

how to grow magic mushrooms

The first few mushrooms should start to appear after seven to fourteen days. After that, they’ll start to appear everywhere. If you check on them several times a day, you’ll probably notice that they’re growing bigger and by a few centimeters every day. They may be ready in three to four days, and you will need to allow them to dry for a few more days before you can study them after harvesting.

Put on some gloves, pinch the mushrooms between your fingers, and twist slightly to remove them; they should come out immediately. They will turn a dark color for a few hours after you touch them because they are very sensitive. Don’t worry about contamination; this is normal.

After all of the mushrooms have been removed, save the container because, depending on the circumstances, mycelium may continue to grow for a while. In just a few days, you might have an entire new crop of mushrooms. You might even get three or four good uses out of a single container if all the conditions are ideal.

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