How To Choose The Right Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Growing magic mushrooms at home can be extremely difficult. But with our grow kits, it’s extremely easy! Now all you need to do is choose one. We’re here to help.

It can be challenging to find magic mushrooms, either in the wild or on the streets. Consider how simple it would be to cultivate your own at home. Yes, you certainly can!, Growing magic mushrooms today and harvest tomorrow, shop here.

Even people with no prior experience can grow psilocybin mushrooms at home with magic mushroom grow kits. Actually, selecting the right kit for you is the most difficult part because it’s so simple. This post will explain what a magic mushroom grow kit includes and provide you with a list of some of our best picks for choosing which magic mushroom colony to start at home.


Growing magic mushrooms

Kits for growing magic mushrooms could sound too good to be true. This is how things seem to be most of the time in life. On the other hand, you can actually order a box of magic mushrooms online and discover that a ton of them are growing in your own home a few weeks later!

These grow kits provide a simple and straightforward route to abundant magic mushroom cultivation, making them ideal for beginners.

A substrate, which can be compared to plant soil, is included with every kit and has already been fully colonized with mycelium.A fungal colony’s underground portion, or mycelium, is essentially a mold from which mushrooms grow in order to proliferate.

When growing psilocybin mushrooms at home, getting the mycelium to successfully colonise a substrate is the very difficult part, and the process can take months. With mushroom grow kits, all the difficult parts are done for you; you basically need to open them, water them, and let them grow!

How To Harvest Multiple Flushes From A Magic Mushroom Grow Kit


Do You Need Any Other Items?

Even though it’s very easy, you still need to be cautious and give your mushrooms some small-scale care as they grow. Anyone can accomplish this with success, shop here.

Mushroom grow kits are self-sufficient most of the time, but they do require sterilisation, warmth, and humidity.

For this, you’ll need:

  • Heat mat
  • Heat guard
  • Misting bottle
  • Face mask
  • Sterile gloves/latex gloves with disinfectant liquid


Sterile Gloves


The grow kit is maintained at the ideal temperature of 23°C with the help of the heat mat. Psilocybe cubensis grows most happily at this temperature. While it’s not always required, a heat guard can help prevent the grow kit’s bottom from becoming overly hot.

Apart from the misting bottle, the other pieces of equipment are all focused on maintaining the grow kit’s cleanliness. Even though fully colonized grow kits are quite resilient, highly aggressive molds and bacteria can still contaminate them. Thus, maintaining their cleanliness will contribute to the success of the harvest.

The grow kit includes a humidity tent, also known as a grow bag, that is used in conjunction with the misting bottle. Twice daily, the interior.


Growing magic mushrooms

We’ll briefly describe each of our grow kits below, ranked from weakest to strongest. But a grow kit is defined by more than just strength. Some mushrooms are very easy to grow, while others are harder; some yield very large quantities, while others yield less; and some even appear to have slightly different effects, regardless of strength, though this is debatable, shop here.



Cubensis classics like Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are real gems. They are a popular choice since they are simple to grow, have a variety of effects, and aren’t overly strong. Even though they’re at the bottom of the list, they still have the ability to seriously trip people out!

These grow kits are popular because they are simple to grow, yield a lot, and are excellent for beginners. Golden Teacher is a great option if you have little to no experience with magic mushrooms—the name should tell you that.


Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'



One of the most well-known magic mushrooms in the world is Mexican cubensis. It is adored, just like Golden Teacher, for its well-rounded effects devoid of any unwelcome extras, and it grows copiously. Mexican can produce strong psychedelic experiences and is slightly more potent than Golden Teacher. It is still appropriate for beginners, though.


Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Mexican'


The Amazon rainforest is the source of PES Amazonian cubensis. These mushrooms have wavy caps that grow into tiny nipples on top, and they grow to be very tall. The high is frequently referred to as “physical” and inspires movement, possibly even dancing.

Providing a strong psychedelic experience while evoking feelings of joy, these mushrooms are ideal for individuals seeking to elevate their experience. Once all of the flushes are completed, they grow very quickly and tall, producing large yields.


Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'


MCKENNAII Growing Magic Mushrooms KIT (ZAMNESIA)


Some of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world are said to be McKennaii. They are unquestionably regarded as the strongest cubensis mushrooms on the market. Although the mushrooms themselves are tiny and compact when growing, a colony will have a vast number of them. You don’t have to trade off potency for quantity because they grow quickly and powerfully.

Regardless of your level of experience with magic mushrooms, use McKennaii with caution. But you’ll be happy if you’re looking for a really potent trip!

Growing magic mushrooms


Copelandia Hawaiian, also known as Panaeolus cyanescens, is regarded as the world’s strongest magic mushroom. It is not a member of the cubensis species, in contrast to the others on this list. As a result, these mushrooms grow on distinct substrates and in very different ways.

These grow kits might not be the best choice unless you’re an experienced psychonaut looking to try something different. Not only are they incredibly strong, but obtaining good results can be challenging because they are much more delicate than cubensis grow kits, shop here.

You’ll be in for a unique psychedelic experience if you decide to grow them, though.

'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit


Tips For Choosing A Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

When it comes to choosing a magic mushroom grow kit, there are two main factors to consider.

You should first decide what you hope to achieve in the end. Are you a seasoned user hoping to try something truly unique, or are you just getting started on your psychedelic journey? Knowing this will assist you in selecting the right variety for you. For those with little or no experience, a word of caution: don’t underestimate mushrooms; even the weakest ones can make for amazing excursions!

Second, how simple do you want the growing process to be? This will depend on the first decision. If you’re just starting out, choose a dependable kit. Consider something a little more difficult if you’re searching for something truly unique and you’ve had some experience growing magic mushrooms.

Match the grow kit to your desires and your abilities.

User Instructions Supa Gro Grow Kits



Growing magic mushrooms

Growing magic mushrooms is as simple as it gets with our selection of grow kits. If you choose a more difficult strain, you should still be able to get some luck. The secret is to pay close attention to the few directions we provide and to them correctly. It all comes down to temperature and humidity levels and how well your mushrooms grow. Grow kits that are cold and dry won’t yield fruit. They’ll be warm and muggy ones! Lastly, if you decide to cultivate mushrooms, you’ll quickly learn that cleanliness is crucial!

The assortment of mushroom grow kits we have provided here is not all-inclusive; our Shroomshop has many more options, can you buy mushrooms in colorado . shop here.

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