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Purchase Magic Mushroom Grow Kits: You can simply grow magic mushrooms at home using our magic mushroom grow kits. Our high-quality growth kits come with fully grown mycelium and are infected with cubensis spores.

You can enjoy your first crop of mushrooms in a few weeks if you follow our guidelines.

Pick from a variety of kits for growing magic mushrooms:

Easy to cultivate and available in regular and XL size mushroom grow kits are Mondo Mushrooms kits.
Very simple, “no-maintenance,” and potent Hawaiian Copelandia grow kit from FreshMushroom Kits. The most potent magic mushrooms, Panaeolus cyanescens, may be grown at home! Get kits to grow magic mushrooms.
Grow Kits Only: Substrates + Liquid Culture, No Mycelium! Put in your own spores.
The mycelium boxes are all prepared to grow and come with everything you need.

Why buy a magic mushroom grow kit?

The commercial sale of magic mushrooms has been prohibited in Holland since December 2008. So, magic mushrooms, whether fresh or dried, are no longer available for purchase. The small-scale magic mushroom cultivation kits, however, are still available and legal. The purchase of them online or in a Dutch smartshop is still lawful. Magic mushroom cultivation is the simplest way to obtain them. Furthermore, it is enjoyable.

Why get a magic mushroom grow kit from

Purchase magic mushroom growing kits. Our mushroom growing kits are meticulously made in a clean facility. The grow kits are supplied as fresh as we can since we only maintain a small supply on hand. There are numerous companies that manufacture magic mushroom grow kits. All of the mushroom kits that are currently on the market have been thoroughly tested by us. In our inventory, we only offer grow kits with the highest levels of dependability and productivity. We keep testing different kinds of kits in an effort to find ones that fit our standards because the industry is constantly changing. Do you need a specific strain or do you have a general inquiry?Message our support team.

What is the price of the magic mushrooms grow kits?

Without factoring in potential savings and shipping, the starting price is € 28,50. By placing all desired items in the shopping basket, you may determine the delivery cost by entering your country and zip code to obtain a pricing. Purchase magic mushroom growing kits.

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits.

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

A mushroom grow kit is a way to easily grow your own magic mushrooms.

The Mushroom Grow kit contains:

  • 1x grow box with substrate containing living mycelium (the spores that have developed)
  • 1x transparent grow bag with airfilter
  • 2x paperclips

Rye, riceflour, vermiculite, and perlite make up the substrate in the Magic Mushroom grow kit. In a sterile laboratory, the transformation of the spores into the mycelium has taken place. The grow box merely needs to be placed in a warm, bright, and humid environment in order to produce the magic mushrooms from this mycelium. The clear grow bag and the paperclip are used for this. Purchase magic mushroom growing kits.

In order for the kit to develop, you will need access to clean tap water or mineral water as well as a warm location with a temperature between 18°C and 29°C. In the handbook for the magic mushroom growkit, everything is simply explained. It also provides advice on how to obtain the largest

How long will it take before the magic mushrooms grow?

Your first mushrooms will emerge from the substratum after two weeks following the preparation phase, which requires little work and can be finished in a single day. A couple of days later, harvesting could start.

How many magic mushrooms will you get out of the grow kit?

Purchase magic mushroom growing kits. Up until the substrate is completely exhausted of nutrients, the growing procedure can be repeated multiple times. The first flush (growing spurt) of mushrooms will be the biggest, and subsequent flushes will get smaller and smaller until no mushrooms are left to develop. When all the right circumstances are present, the typical yield after depletion is between 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms. We’ll leave the math to you if you consider that the suggested dose is equivalent to a portion of 15 grams of fresh mushrooms.

When will you have the grow kit in your possession?

We will dispatch your order the following business day once we have received your payment. Orders will be delivered by United Parcel Service (UPS) and PostNL to a few international destinations. You can select the shipping method when placing the order. Here, you can also view the anticipated delivery date. It often takes between one and seven business days to deliver to nations in Europe, however this is only a generalization and mainly depends on the local postal services in the destination nation. Be at ease! Before becoming strained, the mycelium in the grow kit may withstand room temperature for up to 14 days! Purchase magic mushroom growing kits.

What can go wrong with the magic mushroom grow kit?

Verify that the carton box’s contents are undamaged when you get them. The plastic growbox’s lid needs to be secured firmly, and a plastic seal keeps the growbox closed. Contact us as soon as possible if one of them are taken out during transportation.
Invest on Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. Before starting, carefully and thoroughly read the instructions included with the grow kit. Nothing serious can then happen. To lessen the chance of contaminating the grow bag with germs and fungus, make sure to properly wash your hands with soap or antibacterial handgel before putting your hands inside of it (or wear sterile gloves). Never inhale inside a growbag!

How to grow successfully from your mushroom grow kit

For the magic mushrooms to grow, the temperature in the grow kit and grow bag must be just correct. Make sure the kit is maintained between 18 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit (23 is ideal), even at night. The mushrooms will either grow very slowly or not at all at higher or lower temperatures than this. Eventually, the amount of mushrooms produced was lower than anticipated. Purchase magic mushroom growing kits.
If you place the grow kit in full sunlight, the mushrooms won’t be able to grow since it will be too hot, and the substratum will dry out and stop producing mushrooms.
Purchase magic mushroom growing kits. Pick the mushrooms as soon as they are almost fully grown. How to spot ripe ones is described in the guidebook,  after picking them.

Be a responsible grower and user

Always be careful to keep youngsters and animals out of the vicinity of the mushroom grow kit. Order only things that are permitted in your nation. Use as much of your cultivation materials again as you can. Make sure to consume mushrooms in a responsible manner if you choose to do so. Purchase magic mushroom growing kits.


A grow kit is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in growing mushrooms at home. Prior to selecting one, it’s crucial to be aware of the goal of your cultivation efforts. This is true because knowledge makes you grow.

What exactly are these enigmatic mushrooms, then? The fungal world is far larger than just mushrooms. This is so that people understand that when we talk about mushrooms, we’re actually referring to the fungus’s death phase.

The thick, spore-producing mushrooms, sometimes known as “fruiting bodies,” often last only a few days. The mycelial mass of the fungus that generates and grows mushrooms is obscured from view while mushrooms emerge above ground or on their preferred feeding source.


What exactly can our microbial companions accomplish for us, then? So edible gourmet mushrooms are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Since they are so healthy as a result, growing them is enjoyable as well. Species like Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor), Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris), Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), and Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) are among some you may be familiar with. All of these species are simple to raise at home.

Numerous studies are now being conducted on the cognitive advantages that mushrooms can have on people in addition to being very healthy to eat. The production of nerve growth factor, a protein that supports nerve cell growth, is reported to increase and cognitive function to be improved in particular by lion’s mane.

The future may just be fungi.


Many individuals are put off by the prospect of growing their own mushrooms. The process is actually quite simple, especially if you start with a grow kit. This makes the procedure incredibly simple and enjoyable. A fantastic start to a fantastic, new (and perhaps forever!) interest.

Choosing a mushroom grow kit might be challenging due to the wide variety of available options.

A “spray and grow” type kit is the most basic. In essence, this is a bag of substrate that has already been colonized—typically wood or straw—and on which the mycelium has reached full maturity and is prepared to bear fruit. This indicates that 90% of the difficult work has been completed for you. All you have to do is adhere to a few straightforward directions once you receive the kit.


We humbly submit that purchasing a “all-in-one” mushroom grow kit is a preferable choice for a total novice. These are pre-sterilized substrate-filled bags for mushrooms, usually containing a combination of grain and either a wood- or coir-based substrate. Due to its affordability and higher yields than the majority of other kits on the market, they have recently grown to be highly popular.

With these bags, you will have to personally sporulate them with a liquid culture or spores of your choice. This will teach you some priceless mycology lessons, albeit it will take a little more time and care than a straightforward spray and grow kit. You must first practice sterile techniques when.


If you want to upgrade from an all-in-one grow bag, you should buy your sterile grain and substrate separately. This is a popular option for growers who have had some experience but may not want to or have the time to prepare their own substrates. A monotub kit that includes sterile grain and substrate is frequently sold. For those who are unaware, monotubs are one of the most widely used methods for growing large quantities of mushrooms at home. A vast range of mushrooms, including reishi and king oysters, as well as unusual mushrooms that prefer manure, can be grown in monotubs. To operate a monotub, mycelium must first completely colonize the grain bag. A manure- or coco coir-based mixture is then added to this.


Large monotubs can be a bit bulky and take up room. Dutch-style “grow box” kits are also very popular for people who desire a discreet, smaller-scale grow. Most of them are based on the traditional PF Tek, which is made of vermiculite and brown rice flour. The ‘food’ the mushroom mycelium need to grow is provided by this substrate. You might even find growing kits for magic mushrooms while looking for grow box kits! While intriguing, we strongly advise against picking one of them since it is illegal to produce magic mushrooms in the UK.


How do you grow mushrooms at home after choosing your grow kit? Although it greatly varies on the type of equipment you’re using, most use the same fundamental ideas. You start by using your gourmet spore or culture syringe to inject the sterile substrate. However, have patience as it will take several weeks for the substrate to colonize. It occasionally takes longer. You should put the substrate into fruiting conditions once it has been completely colonized. Here, it’s all about loads of fresh air and high humidity. You’ll start to notice your first mushrooms very soon. Recall that perseverance will pay off. Mushroom cultivation is not always simple, but those who are persistent will be successful in this great hobby.

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