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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Online 

With our Magic mushroom grow kits you grow magic mushrooms easily at home. Our quality growing kits are inoculated with cubensis spores and the mycelium is fully developed.

Follow our instructions and in a few weeks you will have your first harvest of Shrooms!.

Choose from various kinds of magic mushroom grow kits:

  • Mondo Mushrooms kits, Eays to grow and available in standard and XL size mushroom grow kits.
  • GetMagic Mushroom grow kits. Quick set up. Great Yield. XL kits and standard 1200ml kits.
  • FreshMushroom kits, Very easy, ‘no-maintenance’ and high potency, the strongest magic mushrooms!
  • Grow kits Without Mycelium: Substrates + Liquid culture only! Add your own spores.

Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits online in USA, Canada And UK

You can get the best quality magic mushroom grow kits online at our shop and we got top quality kits for  beginners in growing. You should purchase from our shop because our customers satisfaction and safety is our major priority. All of the mycelium boxes are ready to grow and contain everything you need to get started;

  • Mushroom Grow box with fully developed mycelium
  • Grow or filter bag, to be used as a micro green house
  • Paperclips to close the mushroom grow bag.

We have alot of psilocybe cubensis mushroom strains available and the list is getting bigger every year!

With the use of magic mushroom grow kits, you may cultivate your own at home. In a few of weeks, each tub offers many flushes of fruiting bodies. The days of searching through pastures and woodlands for some excellent stuff or relying on shady vendors are long gone.
We have something for everyone in our variety of grow kits. Choose one of our milder strains if you’re new to magic mushrooms for a slow introduction. To blast out and explore other universes, however, you’ll need something a little more powerful. Reading the description of a certain grow kit will give you a general idea of how potent each strain is.

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